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Chapter 25
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Chapter 25

Finishing (Painting, etc.)

Notice the smooth nose section curvature I created   It turned out much better than anticipated.  The secret is in enlarging the "F0" bulkhead by about 40% in area wich placed the tip of the nose at station  -13.  This has increased the volume of the ballast compartment so much that a battery can be fitted inside.  This will counter the balance problem with my installing of a O-540 Lycoming.

Ram air scoops in the cowling similar to the Berkut will provide sufficient cooling and air intake for the O-540.  I have tried to keep to the Cozy lines and style with a touch of Berkut.  The O-540 is just a little to large to permit keeping to the NACA air intake.  my cowling is 46" from the Fire-Wall to the Cowling Lip.  I will be using a 4" propeller extension.

The black marking near the cowling lip shows where the standard Cozy cowling ends.