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Thank you for visiting our 'Safari Survey" WEB.  We appreciate your time very much. 

Taking part in this survey makes you eligible for a Bonus draw when concluded.  The estimated date of conclusion is January 31, 2004.

The requirements for this draw are:

bulletall participants must be contactable by E-mail
bullethave completed all the questions in the survey form.
bullethave invited two or more friends and/or relatives to participate

The top 100 participants will be selected by the quality of the survey submissions  for the Bonus Draw.

bullet4 Participants will be Drawn for a free African Safari depicted by the Survey.
bulletThe next 16 participants  will be offered a Safari at a reduced rate of 50%.
bulletThe following 80 participants  will be offered a Safari at a reduced rate of 25%.

These Safaris are transferable and suitable dates may be negotiated .

You will be notified by E-mail of the results of the draw after January 31st, 2003.

Our Mission

In order for us to offer an exceptional service, we have decided to do a survey to determine what the general requirement is.

We want to offer a solution to fit almost everyone's desires.  A Safari designed with your input is what we will offer. Your participation is extremely valuable to our cause, hence we have decided to offer incentives to participants as outlined above.

Safari Survey Form