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Select a Safari that interests you most:

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Would you prefer to:

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Would you like an element of Adventure?

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If so, which of the following is of interests to you? (Multiples allowed)

White River Rafting
Bungee Jumping
Rock Climbing

Any other that is not listed above?

Which of the following activities interests you?

Bird Watching  
Game Viewing   

Any other activity not listed above?

What would the maximum duration of your Safari be?

Will you be comfortable in a group of strangers?

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If the above answer is "No", and you prefer an exclusive Safari, how many people would be in your group?

Must the Safari be suitable for children?

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What type of accommodation would you prefer:

Have you ever been on an African Safari?

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If so when (approximately) :

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To which African country?

For what reason?.

What is your age group?

What is your state of health?

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