A site of note to all canardians:


It is imperative that Canard Elevators are balanced for safe operation.


Of my three main interests, Hunting, Building a Cozy-MKIV and Flying, Cozy_Building takes top priority. This keeps me off the streets and I find it very stimulating building at home.

Finally after two years of building my Cozy MKIV, I started creating a WEB site showing my progress.  As time goes on I will add more info. I find that scanning all those photos taken over the building period to be quite a task but I will endure for the sake of providing some information on building a Cozy MKIV.

On the lighter side ..... Myself (right front), Rego Burger (pilot seat), Mike Wright (left rear) and Chris van Hoof (right rear) in my Cozy just to prove that four_into_one does go!  Note the clever manipulation of the horizon. A smooth trick done by local Lancair 360 builder Pine Pienaar.