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About Me
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Raptor Project

I am 45 (as @ 2002) years old and live in Krugersdorp, South Africa.  Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated by all things flying.  This includes our feathered friends as well. I grew up in a town about halfway between Pretoria and Johannesburg, hence the name HALFWAY HOUSE.  Close to where I lived was the local airport, Grand Central Airport which is today a very busy commercial center.

This is an aerial view of my house. Incidentally Chris van Hoof, a fellow Cozy builder, was the architect who designed it some 10 years ago. Small world, no?

Late February, 2000 I had the pleasure of taking a ride in Ray McRae's beautiful Long-EZ.  He built it in California and later relocated to Holland.  He also made a flight in it from Holland to Lanseria airport in South Africa. 

 Below is the Long-EZ I had the pleasure of flying!

N91CX sports a Lycoming O-320 (160Hp), a Three blade Catto composite prop and a 8" prop extension.